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Technical Issues | Type Design Notes

Due to lack of time, this page is being slowly, but constantly updated.
I'm looking for collaborations, so if you feel you can help me develop this page a bit more, please Contact me.

Techcnical Issues

Installing Fontforge under Windows

Some people have been complainting about using linux to devolp type design, specially people closer to me. Sometimes it really is a pain to reboot your computer and boot linux to do it and then boot it again to Windows to continue other work, so I decided to try and do it under Windows. Here is a small tutorial on how to do it the EASY way!

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Type Design Notes

Notes on Type Design

This is a link to an external extermely well built "beginner's tutorial".
Copyright © 1998-2001 Gunnlaugur SE Briem

Would you like to make your own?
Take your characters and turn them into fonts. Create lettershapes that work together, and print them. Sounds like fun? It can be.

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Meanwhile if you have some interesting information you would like to share, documents, links, known about typography, webdesign, know about Linux OS or just "plain old" interested, why don't you Get involved?

If you need more info or have any suggestions, contact me -