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Online Poll available.
As you might know, to avoid legal issues with Apple, the LiveType Project will change it's name into... what into it's still not decided. Please visit the poll page and give us your oppinion about wich name to choose, or suggest a new name.

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Documents page available.
It's later than expected, and it's far from being perfect, but in the Documents page there's already one link to a (what I find a critical document on starting to design type) and a document I created to help users install and use Fontforge under Windows.

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New user added to the project.
shawkash, a very friendly user, is going to help out develop more and better Type Design. I'm really expecting great things from this intercontinental collaboration.

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New user added to the project.
val2506 is the new user also in charge of Website development. Things are starting to compose themselves out. Maybe someday we'll have a fully working team?

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Links Page completed.
Finally, the links page has it's definitive form. It's not finished and it'll never be as links disappear and or change. Or more relevant links substitute old ones. Categories are:
Bibliography | Blogs | Education | Forums | Foundries | General | Projects | Software | Wiki | Unsorted
I have special faith in categories like Education - in the near future there will be pretty awesome links to tips and techniques ranging from begginer to master type designer. Wiki and Forums are also pretty good links to check out. Open discussion anyone?

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Links page available.
It's still far from finished. Well, this of all pages, Links will be the most unfinished one. That is, I'm counting on all of you to send links to this project, comment the existing pages, add resources, etc. So far I've collected web links relative to Type Foundries, General Information like magazines and related sites and Education resources as in Anatomy, Glossaries etc..

This Weekend I won't be here to finish this, but I count on having the first batch ready by Thursday 14 (will be updated 2005.08.19). So, What are you waiting for? Check it out!

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2005.07.10 (RSS)

RSS Feeds available.
Subscribe the LiveType Project News RSS feed - [RSS]

If you use a Mozilla based browser like Firefox you can add a Live Bookmark (check out the bottom right orange icon). You can also subscribe the news with a feed reader like NewsFire (Mac) or FeedReader (Win) and read them more conveniently.

What is a RSS Feed? To put it in a simple way, a RSS Feed is a specially linked text (XML code) file that will provide all the updated info in a convenient and fast manner. Tolearn more check these web pages - Wikipedia definition & RSS at Havard Law

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New user added to the project.
Blue is the new user in charge of Website development - User DB and mailing list creation. This corresponds to the first phase of the collaborative platform creation. If all goes well, in a few months we'll have a full interactive collaborative platform that anyone can use - User Info.

Why don't you Get involved?

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News page available.
This webpage you're seeing is the latest update to the website.

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Old RSS Feed lost.
Due to an "amateur error" the old news are lost. So this page is trying to correct this - simple "anchored" HTML with it's RSS counterpart (altought the RSS will be developed with the latest news at once). Subscribe the project news feed.


Job Post Replies.
We have been receiveing a lot of emails responding to the Sourceforge Job Posts.
Nevertheless when responded to users don't seem to be interested anymore. Maybe the phase requisites is scaring them? Guys, please don't be scared. We're here to learn some more things in a collaborative way. There's no "dead-serious" commitment! ;)

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New user added to the project.
vquelhas (a personal friend of mine) joins the project in order to help develop better web design and to improve the collaborative platform - User Info.

Why don't you Get involved?

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New Website Design.
As this project strugles to reach it's BETA Stage it continues to develop it's accessories. The website is no exception. New color scheme and new layout. All this keeping simplicity and usability in mind. With this simple but very effect website structure it will be easier to upgrade and improve. Just keep your eyes on this project to see how it evolves.

Meanwhile if you have some interesting information you would like to share, documents, links, known about typography, webdesign, know about Linux OS or just "plain old" interested, why don't you Get involved?

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Binary & Source Files Released.
The files relative to the capital letters are already available through the sourceforge repository (or the project web page). Just download the binary (OpenType files) if you want to try or use the font. If tell tell me how it goes. Or you can download the source files try and modify them as you wish and preferably Get involved and become a developer.

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If you need more info or have any suggestions, contact me -