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How can I get involved?

This is a pretty straightforward question, nevertheless the cornerstone of this section. In order to simplify the process this was structured in four simple separate but not independent sections for your convenience.

To get involved, just start using the files distributed in your own way! Or you can contact me to find out the best way you can get involved.

Things needed:

  • Use the files;
  • Help complete the font familly;
  • Subscribe the project;
  • Help managing the project;
  • Develop a better website;
  • Develop a better collaborative platform (Blog, Forum?);
  • Help create a better tool;
  • Criticize, comment, teach, suggest!

See below a better description of how you can help.


  • It's for everyone involved, interested, or just curious. By other words, do you own a computer? And do you type on it? Then try these fonts and tell me what you think of them!
  • Subscribe the project on Sourceforge as a user;
  • Try out a Linux, MacOS X or Cygwin port of Fontforge with these files;
  • Comment and or suggest something about the files (type) or the website.


  • Start modding the files anyway you think you should;
  • Subscribe the project on Sourceforge as an Administrator (yes, you'll be able to edit the website as well!) or as a Power User to gain special priviledges;
  • Contact me.
  • Help me (eventually us) to create a better collaborative platform (I'm thinking on subscribing LiveJournal to create a multi-user Blog as an extension to the website, any suggestions?);
  • Translate this website to as many languages as possible.


  • Type Designers unite!
    Analyze, dissect or just contemplate the font files anyway you like and then drop me a line! Your comments/suggestions will be posted!
  • Help me better this website. Suggestions?


  • We are allways in need of a good programmer!
  • Know how to create/upgrade this website to a collaborative/dynamic platform?
  • It would be nice to upgrade Fontforge to Gnome/KDE interface

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If you need more info or have any suggestions, contact me -